Experimental facilities


This plant is used to test hydraulic devices for pressurized pipe use. Performances parameters defined by the standard can be evaluated: IEC 60534, IEC 60193, ISA 72 01 01.

Main carachteristics:

  • Diameter 25-150 mm
  • Multistage pump (135 KW)
  • Measurements: pressure, flowrate, temperature, acceleration
  • Maximum flowrate 35 l/s
  • Maximum pressure 30bar


This plant allows to test flow control devices using dry air as a working fluid. Both fluid-dynamic and acoustic performances of the tested devices can be obtained as specified by the standard IEC 60534.

Main characteristics:

  • Diameter 25 mm
  • Anechoic chamber
  • DN15 Coriolis flowmeter (accuracy 0.1%)
  • Measurements: static pressure, mass flowrate, temperature, wall pipe pressure fluctuations, free-field acoustic pressure
  • Maximum pressure: 3 barA


This plant is mainly used to characterize the erosion behavior of materials under slurry conditions.

Main technical features:

  • Nozzle exit diameter ≈ 8 mm
  • Maximum jet velocity at nozzle exit ≈ 35 m/s
  • Solid concentration ≈ 1% by volume
  • Measured quantities: pressure upstream of the nozzle inlet, flowrate, mass of sample before and after the test


This plant is devoted to low reynolds number tests. Test fluid is a variable mixture of water and glicerine (viscosity 40-60cSt)

Main carachteristics:

  • Diameter 80 mm
  • DN80 Coriolis flowmeter (accuracy 0.1%)
  • Measurements: density, pressure, flowrate, temperature,
  • Maximum flowrate 22 l/s
  • Maximum pressure 1.8 bar


This plant is mainly used to test hydraulic energy recovery devices in pressurized pipes and to evaluate resistence to cavitation.

Main charachteristics:

  • Diameter 25-100 mm
  • Measurements: pressure, flowrate, temperature, acceleration, rpm, brake force
  • Maximum flowrate 60 l/s
  • Maximum pressure 10 bar