Green Energy

Small Turbine Characterization

Experimental and numerical characterization of small turbines for applications in several fields: acqueducts, run of the river. The hill diagrams characteristic of any energy recovery system are evaluated in different hydraulic conditions to completely charactyerize the device. The evaluation of unexploited sources of energy and the improvement of converters performances are one of the topic of interest for the research group.

Wave Energy Converter

Here at Politecnico we studied a particular wave energy converter composed by two oscillating bodies, the EDS (Energy Double System). It consists of a float and a paddle mounted on the same arm, and it is designed for working in the nearshore region, close to the breaker zone.

Waves are a promising resource of renewable energy. The wave energy converters (WEC) are distinguished into three main categories: oscillating bodies, oscillating water columns, overtopping devices. The oscillating bodies are floats or other bodies which are moved by waves. The oscillating water columns exploit pressure generated by water surface oscillation for moving air through a turbine. Overtopping devices take advantage of the raise of water level caused by waves for storing the water in a reservoir and then exploiting the hydraulic head by an hydraulic turbine.