Last Updated: 11 February 2019

Smart Water Project.

The project is sustained by RegioneLombardia that in actuation of the regional law 26/2015 “Manifattura diffusa, creativa e tecnologica 4.0“ issued the present call for tenders. Its aim is the support and valorization of companies of excellence as driver for region development. for more information please visit smart-living.



The project deals with the field of water distribution systems. In particular the project is focused on the development of the GreenValve: a device able to harvest part of the energy that is necessarly dissipated in the net and to make it available for direct use. The device can enhance the water distribution system and improve monitoring and management.

The project.

The partners of the project are Agatos Energia s.r.l., Aerfrigor s.r.l., and Politecnico di Milano. The project scope is the improvement of the energetic efficiency of water distribution systems focusing on the control device used and the quality of resource delivery. Three parts can be clearly distinguished that respectively regards: the experimental development of the product, the innovation of the process and the innovation of water management. 


Reports (accesso riservato).

[RWP2.1] Potential and application environments

[RWP2.2] Waste water treatment cases

[RWP3.1] Langhirano and Naples cases

[RWP3.2] Romanian cases

[RWP4.1] 3'' 7NS runner

[RWP4.2] 3'' 7Arev04 Runway velocity with nondimensional approach

[RWP5.1] Exp. 3'' 7NS runner

[RWP5.2] Exp. 3'' 7AREV04, 7AREV05 runners

[RWP5.3] Exp. 3'' 7NS control system,


Documenti (accesso riservato).

[1] Disegni tecnici

[2] Coppia e velocità nominali

[3] Actions1

[4] Caratteristiche nylon