Green energy production has become more and more important in the last decade, thus many innovative devices have been developed to produce energy from renewable sources. The distributed generation is playing an increasingly important role in the sustainability.

At the end of 2012, professor Stefano Malavasi patented the GreenValve, a control valve able to recover the energy dissipated in flow rate control process. Then, a prototype of the device was created to be tested in Fantoli laboratory of the Politecnico di Milano. Meanwhile CFD analysis have been made to extend experimental results both to optimize GreenValve components and study its functioning under a wide range of boundary conditions. Some media about the project can be found Here. In 2017 has been succesfully partecipated a call for tenders published by regione Lombardia. The project nemed SmartWater is in collaboration with some small and medium-sized businesses located in the territory of regione Lombardia. 






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