The FluidLab group is involved in many teaching activities, taking part to:


Post-graduale Courses


Master Degree Courses

  • Fluid Labs. Offered to the students of the Master Degree in Civil and Mathematical Engineering, the course deals with the analysis of fluid-dynamic processes based on a synergy between theory, laboratory experiments, and numerical simulations. 
  • Idraulica 2. Offered to the students of the Master Degree in Civil Engineering, the course focuses on the modeling of fluid-dynamic phenomena which, despite being mainly related with the traditional applications in Civil Engineering, are also frequently encountered in industry. 


 Batchelor Degree Courses

  • Fluid Mechanics (Meccanica dei Fluidi). Offered to the students of the Batchelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering (Piacenza Campus), the course sets the basic concepts and theories of fluid mechanics.